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Find Quiet Time and Places During The Holiday Season

How does one find time and space during the boisterous holiday season to give the ears a rest?

We encourage people to get a free hearing test at any of our convenient locations across Canada. But let’s face it — it’s hard to think about hearing safety during the chaos of the holiday season.

Here are three tips to remember when the noise is getting too much to handle iQuiet Time During Holidaysn the coming weeks:

1. Meditation: Separate yourself and find time in your place of worship, office or library for quiet reflection.

2. Turn it down: Okay, you can’t watch Thor on DVD with the volume low. But be careful — according to NHS UK, some action films regularly top the 100-decibel level. Hearing-health specialists consider 85 decibels to be the level at which noise becomes dangerous to the human ear.

Dr. James E. Foy told the American Osteopathic Association says:

"Most MP3 players today can produce sounds up to 120 decibels, equivalent to sound level at a rock concert. At that level he says, hearing loss can occur after only about an hour and 15 minutes."

3. Enjoy family activities: Don’t underestimate a trip to a local market, skating, playing board games or preparing dinner together as a family. Fun activities don’t have to be expensive or loud.

Overall it’s a good idea to plan as many quiet moments as you can now — before the holiday fun begins.

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