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Halloween Safety Tips for Hearing Impaired Children

Halloween is meant to be fun. One thing we try to drive home is that hearing loss doesn’t have to impact your life negatively – and that is also true for trick or treaters!Halloween Safety Tips for Hard of Hearing Kids

According to Raising Deaf Kids, about 1 out of 1,000 babies is born with hearing loss.

We are happy to provide some tips to help those young hearing impaired ghouls and goblins across Canada heading out for Halloween. Checking candy at home before consumption is good advice for any child. But some rules are especially important for children with hearing challenges:

  • Carry a flashlight, use reflective tape.
  • Avoid parked cars, stay together and in familiar neighbourhoods.
  • Obey traffic signals.
  • Go out with the child, ensure they can call or text if they get separated.
  • Agree to a predetermined safe area (convenience store, gas station) before going out.

For younger children, make sure that all hearing devices are properly fitted. For older kids, check that everything is working beforehand. Pack extra batteries for hearing aids.

Lastly, make sure the mask doesn’t impede a child’s sight or hearing, or interfere with any hearing aids. In this case, safety comes before fashion!

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