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Hamilton is All Ears as One of Canada’s Best Employers Comes to Town




Hamilton is All Ears as One of Canada's Best Employers Comes to Town

Connect Hearing announces it will begin operating three clinics in Hamilton-Wentworth

VICTORIA, B.C. (August 1, 2012) — Canada's largest network of hearing-health clinics is getting even bigger.
Connect Hearing today announces the addition of three new clinics in Hamilton, Ontario, bringing the company's total number of facilities to 123 across Canada. All three clinics formerly operated as the Hearing Institute Ltd., which was founded in 1967 as the Hearing & Speech Institute and has been the largest supplier of hearing instruments in the Hamilton-Wentworth area since the 1970s.

The Hamilton clinics will join the 32 other Connect Hearing properties in Ontario. Only British Columbia (45) has more clinics among Canadian provinces.

"We are delighted to welcome the Hearing Institute Ltd. to the Connect Hearing family. It is a good outcome for us to be able to add the Hearing Institute to our superb roster that makes up the largest network of hearing professionals in the country," says Craig Cameron, Connect Hearing's CEO and President. "For the residents of Hamilton, having Connect Hearing clinics means they will have access to the highest-quality hearing-health professionals and instruments in the country. More than ever, they will be able to stay connected to the people and activities they love."

Connect Hearing will begin its operations immediately at the three clinics. Known for its complimentary hearing tests and the recognition it has received as one of the top employers in Canada, Connect Hearing has increased both the level of care for those suffering from hearing loss and the level of awareness about the causes and pervasiveness of hearing loss in Canadian society.

"We believe our ears should be treated with the same care as our eyes and other aspects of human health," Cameron says. "More and more Canadians are suffering from hearing loss at younger and younger ages, and there's a serious need to address this issue in society as a large. Our clinics are just part of the solution to conquering hearing damage in Canada."

As one of "The Best Workplaces in Canada" for the past three years, Connect Hearing will also bring its brand of professionalism and integrity to Hamilton.

"All of the managers in all of the clinics in the Connect Hearing network all say the same thing: We would not be where we are today if it weren't for our employees," Cameron says. "We give them every chance to succeed and they surprise and inspire us every day. We're certain we'll find similarly dedicated professionals in our workforce in Hamilton."

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