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Happy New Year From Connect Hearing Canada

Generally speaking, there are two things one can expect at the beginning of a new year. Happy New Year from Connect Hearing

The first — unforgettable parties surrounded by friends, family, music and delicious food. The second, of course, is the making of New Year’s resolutions. Depending on how much discipline you have, those resolutions can have varying degrees of success. 

At Connect Hearing, one of our goals for 2014 is to continue to strive to bring hearing health and safety awareness to as many Canadians as possible. What you can expect from us in 2014 is more forms of education and public awareness about hearing health. We will: 

  • Use our website to educate and empower the public about hearing health and related issues. 
  • Encourage Canadians to visit one of our clinics for a free hearing test that can ensure they stay connected to the sounds and people they love. 
  • Give back to the community through initiatives like the 4Ears campaign. Until December 31st, Connect Hearing will make a donation to provide hearing health care to childre each time an adult receives a hearing test at one of our clinics. This initiative is in support of the Hear the World Foundation

We wish you a happy and prosperous new year. And whatever your goals are in 2014, we encourage you to make healthy hearing for you and your family a priority.

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