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Hearing Aid Feature of the Month - Phonak Audeo Q

Since May is Better Hearing Month, what better time to highlight the newest hearing aid just launched in Canada - the Phonak Audeo Q. The Phonak Audeo has long been one of our most popular hearing aid products recommended to our clients by our hearing professionals.

The new Audeo Q is a very exciting addition to the Phonak product list as it is ideally suited to people who have never worn hearing aids. The fact that it is an RIC (Receiver-in-the-canal) is an extra bonus as this makes it one of the most discreet hearing aids out there.

The Phonak Audeo Q comes in three different styles (10, 312 and 312T) a variety of great colours as well as 4 different levels of technology including the 30 (Entry level essential), the 50 (Standard), the 70 (Advanced) and the 90 (Premium) to fit all hearing loss needs as well as taking into consideration our clients lifestyle and budget.

Now to the good part, it is the advanced features that set the Audeo Q apart from its competition highlighting the following impressive benefits (for a full list of features and performance levels click here):

  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology detects the speech signal and ensures you can hear it clearly in both ears

  • Auto StereoZoom allows you to automatically focus on the voice you want to hear in a crowded environment

  • Auto ZoomControl will let you automatically focus on the loudest speech source in the room, regardless of your location

  • Speech in Wind helps you understand speech well, even in windy conditions

  • SoundFlow will adjust the hearing aids automatically to provide the listening program suited to each situation

  • Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator reduces the annoyance of tinnitus.

  • Hearing aid is water resistant

On top of these great features the Phonak Audeo Q is compatible with many of the wireless communications devices listed below (for a full list click here):

If you are looking for more information on the Phonak Audeo Q or would like to speak to one of our hearing professionals, book a complimentary appointment and visit any one of our over 100 clinics across Canada.

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