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Hearing From The Heart - Athletes Angle

Several hearing-impaired athletes have made an impact. One of them is Derrick Coleman of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks,who wrote on CNN that he has never used his hearing as an excuse.Hearing Loss Athletes

“As people hear about me being hard of hearing and making the best of it, the biggest thing that I want others to know is that excuses get you nowhere,” wrote Coleman. “Whatever your dream is -- go for it. Any reason for you not getting it is just an excuse.”

That’s our thinking too – there is no excuse for not taking your hearing health seriously. This is one reason why we encourage people to come in for free hearing tests.

Before Coleman, a famous hearing-impaired football player was Kenny Walker.

According to, after two years in the NFL, Walker joined the Calgary Stampeders, becoming the first hearing-impaired player in the history of the Canadian Football League.

The Deaflympics are an IOC-sanctioned event that is not guided by sounds. It’s also a wonderful source for outstanding Canadian athletes, including volleyball player Kimberly Summers and curler Michael Raby.

Here's a great video on the Canadian Men's Deaflympics road to the Bulgaria Games this past summer:

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