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Hearing Health and Nutrition: Nutrition Awareness Month

One thing that is becoming obvious is that many factors can affect our hearing health – including diet. We know about dangerous jobs and noises, but how does the food we eat affect our hearing?

The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA) reportsHearing Health and Nutrition that hearing loss is the third-most prevalent chronic disability among older adults, behind arthritis and hypertension.

This is one reason why we encourage people to visit our clinics for free hearing tests.

So should we take into account nutrition when it comes to monitoring our hearing health? According to Healthy Hearing, the answer is yes

Researchers have isolated an enzyme called Sirt3 and shown that it lessens the damaging impact free radicals have on the human body. The article says, the hearing mechanism, located inside your ears, is a complex, delicate collection of the tympanic membrane (ear drum), the three smallest bones in the body, the cochlea and other sensitive body bits that enable people to hear the world around them. However, free radicals, associated with aging, damage this delicate marvel of nature leading to age-related hearing loss. Most people, by the time they reach 60, experience at least some degree of hearing loss.

In English - eat less and you’ll hear better longer.

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