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Hearing Health Check: Pharmacist Awareness Month

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month. According to the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists Hearing Health Check(CSHP), this is the time pharmacists promote their role to other healthcare professionals and patients within hospitals and related healthcare settings.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Canadian pharmacists and all the local drug stores where we are proud to offer our mobile Hearing Health Check services. The CSHP says pharmacists enable a more sustainable healthcare system and provide a variety of healthcare services and we are happy to have an opportunity to share our specific knowledge on hearing loss awareness through our local pharmacy partners.

We agree with that, and we also agree that when it comes to hearing health, pharmacists are on the front lines providing medication, advice and support to people with hearing needs.

Hearing loss is not just an age-related issue – it’s affecting people at younger and younger ages.

A study for WorkSafe BC in 2005 found that 25% of young people entering the workforce had the early-warning signs of hearing loss, with a further 4.6% showing “abnormal” results on hearing tests. Statistics like these are one reason why we encourage free hearing tests at our clinics across Canada.

If you have questions about hearing safety or health be sure to speak with your doctor, pharmacist or your friends at Connect Hearing. When it comes to making a difference in the battle against hearing loss, we are all on the same team.

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