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Hearing Health Tip of the Day - Do You Know the Social and Career Impact Related to Hearing Loss

Why should you address your hearing loss? Because if you don't it could seriously impact your social and work life.

Those who deal with from hearing loss have shown lower self esteem and demonstrate more difficulty interacting with others, whether it is in formal or casual situations.

Studies have shown that about 1/3 of people with hearing issues feel incompetent or stressed at work. What is surprising is that only 40% of these people say they would rarely ask for accommodation because of it. Why? Because they are embarrassed to admit they don’t hear well.

Check out this article on hearing loss and income from the Better Hearing Institute.

This video also talks about how hearing loss can impact your life in a variety of ways.

Take the steps to address your hearing loss now and you'll be sure to secure your friendships and career opportunities far into the future.

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