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Hearing Health Tip of the Day - Have Your Hearing Tested Today

Recent research has indicated that hearing loss could be a precursor to other health issues like Alzheimer’s to cardiovascular disease.

This article from Men's Health says a recent study coming out of the US shows that the most routinely missed test conducted by your physician at your yearly evaluation is the hearing exam. It gets bypassed nearly 70% of the time!

Our advice – don’t skip the hearing test. Not only can you diagnose hearing loss but you can also screen for other possible health issues.

This video breaks down what you will usually experience when you meet with a hearing professional and have a screening appointment.

We have 120 clinics across Canada and offer complimentary hearing tests and assessments. Make time during Speech and Hearing Month to book an appointment online. It takes just 45 minutes for a comprehensive test with one of our qualified hearing professionals.

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