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Hearing Loss and Bullying

As kids across the country go back to school, we thought it was a good time to bring awareness to the subject of hearing loss and bullying. According to a recent study in Sweden, bethearing loss and bullyingween one in five hearing impaired students are victims of bullying. In the U.S. it is estimated that the rates of bullying are twice as likely with hearing impaired kids.

In this article by Krystyann Krywko, Ed.D. posted on the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center website, the author goes into great detail on the serious problem of bullying, especially against kids with visible disabilities (such as wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants).

Not only is this a great article referencing the signs of bullying and the importance of listening to your child but she highlights the importance of building self-assurance and confidence as one of the key factors in helping deal with a bully. The best thing parents can do is take time to equip their children with coping skills to make sure they have a plan to deal with bullying before it even occurs. Being prepared and encouraging your child to be more resilient has been proven to go a long way in helping deal with an unfortunate bullying situation.

With regards to raising awareness of hearing loss bullying, earlier this year, a "Stop Hearing Loss Bullying" campaign video was launched. We found the video very interesting and posted it below.

There are countless resources available to help parents and children deal with bullying of any kind but when it specifically comes to hearing loss and bullying you should check out this site as it has some great information and an active community to lend support and feedback.

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