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Hearing Loss? Your Smart Phone Can Help!

According to The Hearing Journal, there’s an app for just about everything these days, and the hearing industry is certainly no exception.  Although you may not see them very often, a wide variety of apps to aid with hearing health are making their way into the spotlight.

Unitron, for example, has created an app called uHear – A three part hearing loss assessment which identifies hearing sensitivity, hearing in noisy environments and offers a questionnaire on everyday listening. EarTrumpet, another Hearing app, has an intuitive amplification component and the ability to view audiograms right from your smart phone. It doesn’t stop there though. For around $100, you can purchase SpeechTrans, a highly innovative app that will translate a conversation into subtitles. Companies like Starkey have also produced apps to control the volume and performance of hearing aids directly from your phone. They've even created simulators to mimic real life hearing loss.

These advances in app technology shouldn’t replace proper hearing health or proper hearing tests performed by registered audiologists though.

They are simply an app to bring awareness to potential hearing health issues and encourage users to visit their local hearing clinic, like Connect! What will they think of next…

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