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How to Have an Ear-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be a time of celebration, friends, family and good food. But if you or someone in your family is coping with hearing loss it may be difficult to find many thinConnect Hearing Thanksgivinggs to be thankful for.

Often, people with hearing loss must deal with isolation because of the condition. That can make the holidays less festive and joyful than it is for others. You may notice that family members who have trouble hearing tend to withdraw. Even the people closest to them may not really grasp the nature of the problem and the emotions that go with it.

As Monday approaches and Canadians everywhere prepare for family feasts, we are happy to offer three suggestions for an Ear-Friendly Thanksgiving:

Get closer: Make an effort to involve everyone in the conversation. If someone appears to be missing what’s being said, reach out. Get them involved in activities. Help them understand you’re there for them and that they’re not alone. Speak directly in front of them, which will decrease the need for them to strain their ears.

Make information available: Make sure there is reading material in the house that deals with hearing loss, including how to make an appointment for a complimentary hearing test.

Talk, be honest, and listen: It may be that other people in the family are dealing with similar issues. Start sharing. Be supportive. The holidays are often the best time to raise the topic of hearing loss and other health ailments. The sense of togetherness is at its most precious during times of celebration. Ensure that you and your loved ones stay connected to the sounds you love.

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