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Lyric is Music to the Ears of Canadians with Hearing Loss


For a musician and a family man like Jeremy Williams, sound enhances life. But it's been missing. Not totally gone, but not completely there either. Williams is one of the more than 7 million Canadians diagnosed with some form of hearing loss. He had been using hearing aids to boost the clarity of the sounds he could pick up and while they were effective, it wasn't until a year ago that Williams discovered what he describes as life-altering technology.

The 40-year-old father from Regina, Saskatchewan adopted Lyric hearing devices and has given the product rave reviews from the moment he put them on. Jeremy actually recently won a Facebook contest to become the official ambassador for Lyric. To see his winning video click here.

"I switched to them a little over a year ago and it has totally changed the quality of my life," Williams says. "I'm a father of four and so am able to communicate clearly and understand what my children are saying, and am so thankful for that interaction and the memories I haven't missed because of them."

The Lyric hearing aid improves hearing without being invasive and offers numerous benefits for those with active lifestyles. Designed by Phonak, the Lyric is an invisible device that is placed into the ear canal of the patient by a hearing professional at Connect Hearing. The device can be worn 24/7 — even in the shower or working out at the gym. The low-maintenance aspect is an especially valuable one for those consumers who are often outdoors or have fitness regimens they don't want impacted by hearing loss.

"This product is an example of the contemporary hearing aids that remove much of the stigma of hearing loss. Hearing aids such as Lyric are far less noticeable than glasses. No one will know you are wearing them and they are hassle-free," says MJ DeSousa, Connect Hearing's Director of Professional Practice.

The Lyric devices can remain in the patient's inner ear until the batteries need to be replaced, which can be up to four months.  Be sure to check with your local clinic to see if it carries the latest Lyric product or call 1.800.563.4327 to find the clinic closest to you.

"For anyone who has ever felt awkward or self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid, those days are gone because of devices like Lyric and other hearing aids. All a person with hearing loss has to do is visit a Connect Hearing clinic for a complimentary hearing screening. If they need a hearing device, the most appropriate one will be prescribed for them," DeSousa says. "Active Canadians will find that Lyric is an excellent option that keeps them connected to the people and hobbies they love."

And for consumers like Jeremy Williams, the change Lyric can make in one's life speaks volumes about its value. For more information on the new Lyric hearing aid click here.

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