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New Study Links Hearing Loss with Reduced Sexual Health in Men

We all know that untreated hearing loss can result in some negative side effects regarding both your mental and physical health. This has been proven through a number of reports and research over the years but men still reluctant to have their hearing tested may want to listen to the results of this new study.

According to findings published in the Journal of Laryngology & Otology, the report produced by the Cambridge University Press journal said, "Our results indicate that men with mild or moderate sensorineural hearing loss have poorer sexual health."

Authored by Turkish researchers at Dicle University Medical College, the study showed a correlation in the lack of hearing and the lack of ability to function sexually.

Aimed at assessing sexual function in men with hearing damage, the report published recently shows that hearing loss can have implications beyond the obvious. A loss of hearing has been known to increase the risk of vehicular accidents, cause tension in relationships and lead to depression. The latest findings concerning sexual health is further evidence that hearing loss can be detrimental to the most important aspects of human life.

As our own Director of Professional Practice, MJ DeSousa says, "The point of getting your hearing tested is to be sure you can enjoy all aspects of life. Healthy hearing allows you to stay connected to the activities and people you love."

When it comes to getting a complimentary hearing test, she adds, "You don't need to do it alone either. You and your loved one can visit a clinic together. It's actually one way we test for hearing loss, by gauging how well you can hear the person you converse with most often."

Call one of our clinics today for a complimentary hearing test and free two week hearing aid trial.

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