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More Depression with Hearing Loss

Hearing and depression: it’s a sensitive topic because so many of our clients are outgoing, lifestyle oriented people who have taken steps to stay connected. But for those with untreated hearing loss, studies show a higher incidence of depressive symptoms.

  • Fatigue, stress and tension
  • Irritability, negativity and anger
  • Withdrawal from social situations
  • Loneliness
  • Lessened sense of well-being

We’re not suggesting that hearing loss suddenly makes an active, engaged person withdraw from life.  But most hearing loss is gradual and it becomes easier – over time – to slowly change behaviors without realizing it’s happening. If it’s difficult hearing at a restaurant it’s understandable that a person eventually stops going. We hear the same from clients who, prior to wearing hearing aids, had stopped going to meetings, playing sports or enjoying family functions because they simply knew hearing would be a challenge and they’d feel excluded. Often the sum of these small changes can be an unintended different lifestyle.

If the regular opportunities for social contact decrease, anxiety and symptoms of depression often increase. “Hearing loss does not by any means automatically lead to depression – it is much more a matter of how one deals with it,” says Dr. Annette Menzel.

A HEAR THE WORLD study showed that 69% of respondents believe that their hearing aids have had a positive effect on their general state of health.  Most people take for granted how important their hearing is for well-being and staying connected to others.

In this video Steven Sebbens talks about his experience with hearing loss and depression.

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