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Hearing Aid Feature of the Month - Unitron Moxi

Now that spring has finally sprung we thought it would be a good idea to start featuring our most popular hearing aids each month. People are always looking for more information on our hearing aid products. If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and are looking for some new hearing aids, it can be pretty intimidating with literally dozens of models available. Hopefully these feature blog posts can help you with your final decision on what hearing solution is right for you.

For April, we are going to feature one of our most popular models - the Unitron Moxi.

The Moxi hearing aid comes in two styles, the Moxi and the new Moxi Kiss. Each style is available in a number of performance levels from Pro to Entry level that cater to your individual hearing needs and budget.

In a nutshell, what sets the Moxi apart is:

  • Uses state-of-the-art technology to meet your unique hearing needs
  • Speech clarity and comfort in a variety of listening situations
  • Binaural phone feature - hear the callers voice in both ears
  • Recognizes your preferred settings automatically
  • Utilizes antishock technology to eliminate uncomfortable noise
  • Whistle free technology
  • Wireless technology to keep you connected

The Moxi is also available in a number of different colours and there is an impressive amount of accessories you can consider like:

  • uDirect 2
  • uTV 2
  • uMic
  • Smart Control

Jon Waterhouse, RHIP and a member of our Professional Practice Committee based in our South Nanaimo, BC clinic says:

Moxi Unitron hearing aids are great devices packed with many features at all technology levels, that allow many first time users to adapt to the hearing world quickly and comfortably even in background noise.

It’s great that such a small and discrete hearing aid is fully compatible with many accessories utilizing Bluetooth technology such as making TV listening easy and enjoyable for the client at their preferred listing level while the rest of the family can listen at theirs, giving hands free cell phone use, as well as a wireless microphone system allowing the client to have a direct connection with who they want to hear.

It’s also great to see the Unitron product out there as they started out as a homegrown Canadian company.

If you have any questions about the Unitron Moxi hearing aid or would like to book a complimentary hearing screening at any of our clinics across Canada call 1.800.563.4327 or book online here.

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