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New Album Coming Out Inspired By Tinnitus

Now here is an an interesting spin on tinnitus being the muse for an album. The Oxford U.K. group Young Knives recently announced that their new album "Sick Octave" (set to come out in September 2013) is inspired by the singer Harry Dartnell's tinnitus. Here is what Dartnell says:

"About a year and a half ago I developed tinnitus so I always have this achinTinnitus Inspired Album Sick Octaveg whistle in the back of my head," Dartnall said. "It has affected how I play and the sort of music I like because I need to drown out the noise. It also gives me some crazy ass dreams that are always backed with really industrial sounds like cogs and clanking metal and explosions."

He added: "About a year ago it went mental and I kept waking up with songs in my head. I couldn't grab a guitar or play drums, I just had to sing all the parts and then hope I would understand it in the morning and work it out for instruments. There is a track called 'Bella Bella' that was just these two notes repeating and repeating and the drums were just ringing in my ears, I can still hear it now like a weird shadow. You know when you keep thinking you can hear your phone ringing? It's like that."

The new album has been successfully funded publicly through Kickstarter and the band couldn't be happier as they feel they have full control over the album's content and are truly making it for the fans that supported it.

For more information check out this article and watch the video introduction below...

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