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Only 14% of Adults with Hearing Loss wear Hearing Aids

A recent US study out of Johns Hopkins University has determined that millions of people with hearing loss are not using hearing aids.

The research pointed out that nearly 6.7 Million Americans aged 50 or over have hearing loss but only 1 in 7 or 14% actually use a hearing aid.

I guess that working in the hearing industry and seeing first-hand how better hearing has changed our customers lives makes me wonder why you would not want to take action sooner than later.

There are a lot of myths & theories out there that try to explain why people are so complacent when it comes to their hearing but one look at the current hearing loss rates make me think it's time we really take this seriously. 

Here is a great interview with Dr. Travis Stork of the TV show "The Doctors" discussing the latest research on hearing loss. If you or anyone you know is showing the signs of hearing loss, call Connect Hearing for a complimentary consultation.

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