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Oral Health and Hearing Loss

Did you know that a healthy mouth can also protect your hearing? Well according to this article from the bad bacteria that can develop in your mouth due to poor oral hygiene can enter your bloodstream affecting the arteries and blood vessels in your ears and brain related to hearing.Oral health and hearing loss

Poor oral health is not only a cause of possible hearing loss but it can also lead to other serious issues like dementia, memory loss and in some cases heart disease. It has been proven that brushing your teeth and seeing your dentist regularly is the best defense against diseases that can be tracked back to your dental health.

Current research has also identified a link between the use of dental equipment and noise induced hearing loss in both dentists and hygienists. Some of the high speed drills and scalers used by dentists can get loud enough to hit the 90-100 decibel level which is equivalent to a gas powered lawn mower or other power tool. So if you see your dentist wearing earplugs you know why!

If you think you may be dealing with hearing loss or if someone you know thinks everyone is mumbling around them then book a complimentary hearing screening appointment at any of our clinics across the country and take your first steps towards better hearing today.

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