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Ottawa Downtown Clinic Loves to Make a Difference

For hearing-heatlh specialist Ahmed Khanani, there is never a dull moment working at the new Connect Hearing Canada clinic located in downtown Ottawa.

One reason for that is he gets to make a difference in the lives of people by educating them about their hearing health and hearing aids.Connect Hearing Downtown Ottawa Clinic

“I have many inspiring and rewarding interactions with clients,” said Khanani, who has worked with Connect Hearing Canada for 2 1/2 months. “One in particular was when I saw a male client who was over 90 year old, blind and very immobile taking the time to understand how his hearing aids work. He wanted to know about insertion and removal of hearing aids, understanding how to control the volume settings and was so motivated to keep moving forward and helping himself with his hearing needs.”

Khanani says he is encouraged to see more people taking hearing health seriously.

“There is hearing health awareness out there, which is great,” said Khanani. “I'm finding more awareness about hearing health and safety now then even five or ten years ago. So it's getting better.”

We sat down with Khanani, who talked about his job at Connect Hearing Canada and the people in his community.

Connect Hearing Canada - What most interests you about your job?

Ahmed Khanani - I love the satisfaction of helping clients with their specific hearing needs. I like to see clients taking the time to learn about their hearing amplification and really staying connected to what matters to them.

CH - How has working at Connect Hearing changed your understanding of hearing health and the importance of maintaining hearing health?

Khanani - When I see a customer who has never been tested and was expecting to have normal hearing but a hearing loss is detected, it's hard. It really does show how important it is that we take our hearing health seriously; sometimes we don't know what are dealing with until we seek attention.

CH – We see that so much, and often it is loved ones who notice the signs of hearing loss first. What is your message for people out there – especially young people – who may be damaging their ears? What would you say to them?

Khanani -I would tell them wearing hearing protection is very important, and it will help you in the long run. Like I said before, people are more educated about it now, but when I find the odd person who doesn't seem to care or understand I try to tell them to wear that wear that protection. Protect your ears.

CH - Connect Hearing has been named one of Canada's greatest places to work. What makes it such a stand out, in your opinion?

Khanani - The People! Everyone is very supportive and very friendly towards clients and to each other. Everyone also works together as a team!

CH - What recent innovation in hearing health most excites you and why?

Khanani - Hearing aids and their technology. Hearing aids have come a long way - there are lots unique features and options to make hearing easier. Hearing aids are very helpful and make specific situations easier for an individual to hear, especially in tough situations like crowds.

CH - Similarly, what product do you most recommend to Connect Hearing clients and why?

Khanani - I recommend Unitron. I always get good feedback from individuals who have been previously fitted with Unitron products. I personally like the fact that they are very close to "Real Ear Measurement" targets and I understand they provide a good sound.

CH - What do you like to do in your spare time?

Khanani - I like to read in my spare time. I'm an outdoor person - I like doing outdoor summer and winter activities.

CH - For people who haven't been to your community, what can you tell them about it? And what are your favourite things to do and/or favourite places to go in your community?

Khanani - I am a new resident of Ottawa. I would highly recommend people to go check out the government buildings – Parliament and all the beautiful embassies come to mind. The Rideau Canal is a must see. There are many tourist attractions in Ottawa but these are some of the places I have enjoyed seeing and exploring.

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