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Our Favorite Sounds: The Sounds of Spring

April showers don’t just bring the flowers, they also bring the sounds of spring. One of our favourite websites at our blog is the birdsong page and it will certainly get you in the mood for the season.Connect Hearing Spring Sounds

But there are many sounds to be enjoyed at this time, which is one reason why Connect Hearing encourages people to visit our clinics for free hearing tests.

According to the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, approximately 10% of the general population, 20% of those over 65 and 40% of those over 75 (including 80% of nursing-home residents) have a significant hearing problem. So getting tested is important.

Here is a list of our 12 favourite spring sounds:

  1. Children splashing as they play on melting snow
  2. The trickle of a gently flowing river
  3. Waves smashing onto a rocky beach
  4. The soft pitter-patter of drizzling rain
  5. Footsteps and loud exhalations of joggers getting fit
  6. Music and laughter on the waterfronts as Canada's cities come alive
  7. The tweet of a soccer coach's whistle as kids exchange ice skates for cleats and hit the grass field
  8. Bicycle bells ringing through neighbourhoods
  9. Laughter of people enjoying beers on the patio
  10. Wind whispering through tree branches that are suddenly alive with leaves
  11. The cheep and scuttle that critters like squirrels and crickets make
  12. And of course, chirping birds!

Have a favourite sound of your own? Share it with us on our Facebook page.

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