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Our Favourite Sounds: Spring Break Apps

Spring break is great news for kids who get to enjoy a much needed respite from school and great news for parents who get to spend more time with their children.

But when kids are at play, they can also be exposed to loud noises, like sporting events, concerts and parties with loud music. Connect Hearing recently published a story about the "Top 10 Noisiest Workplaces", which highlighted some dangerous sounds. Hearing Test Apps

If you’re concerned about hearing safety for your kids this spring break, there are very good apps that you can get.  What your kids may enjoy about taking a test with you is the ability to hear frequencies that you cannot.

The Mosquito app isn’t a hearing test, but it’s a good place to start to grab a child’s interest. It simply emits a high frequency sound (at 17.4kHz) that usually only young people less than 20 years old can hear.  Mosquito ringtones have become popular with teenagers on their cell phones. Most teachers and parents are unable to hear these ringtones.

One site from Alpine Hearing Protection lists 8 app-related hearing tests, including MusicSafeCheck and Widenoise.

Siemens Hearing Test has a really good app for adults that can help the user determine if he or she has a hearing problem.

Another good app is Hearing Test, which can help you determine if you have hearing loss.

It doesn’t hurt to get an app to test your hearing but our advice is to visit a Connect Hearing clinic. Our Hearing Care Professionals will be happy to help you get on the track to hearing health.

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