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Our Favourite Sounds: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is here and it goes without saying that we tend to associate this celebratory day with our sense of taste - namely the taste of beer.
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But there are other sounds to enjoy on March 17, and we want you to hear them. In 2002, according to Statistics Canada via, more than one million Canadians reported having hearing problems, representing 50% more cases than for people who experience vision problems.

In 2012, this number tripled to more than three million Canadians. This is why we encourage people to visit our clinics for a free hearing test.

The top six St. Patrick’s Day sounds we want you to enjoy this year are:

1.      The sound of the fiddle played by a skilled musician.

2.      The sound of laughter at a great party.

3.      The sound of singing from an amazing band.

4.      The sound of kissing (Blarney Stone! Or you can kiss someone you care about).

5.      The sound of a whistle (Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets are dropping the puck on St. Patrick’s Day).

6.      We can’t resist – the sound of a green beer being poured at your favourite pub!

Let’s make St. Patrick’s Day 2014 a day to celebrate Irish culture, and the gift of hearing!

Recently voted one of the best St. Patrick's Day songs here is a little ditty from Newfoundland's own Great Big Sea:

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