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Parents Should Add Hearing Tests to Back-to-School Regimen

Connect Hearing points out that hearing loss among children is a growing problem


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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (August 12, 2013) — Back to school not only means shopping for fashionable clothes and school supplies, it's also means back to healthy routines including early bed times and planning nutritious bagged lunches. To those healthy routines, parents should add hearing tests for their children, Connect Hearing recommends. 

As Canada's leading network of hearing-health clinics, Connect Hearing is on top of trends in the audiology field and one of the most disturbing discoveries in recent years has been a spike in hearing loss among children. The Journal of Pediatrics notes that the increase in earphone use has led to more occurrences of hearing loss among children between the ages of 6 and 19. The publication says 12.5 per cent of children in that demographic have developed hearing loss because they use earphones with the volume turned up too high.

"There are other factors that play a role in the rise in hearing loss among children," Connect Hearing Doctor of Audiology Gillian Bonang says. "Loud urban environments, head trauma through physical sports, and excessive noise from video games, movies and other media are also culprits in this growing trend."

While Connect Hearing doesn't conduct hearing tests on anyone less than 18 years of age, Dr. Bonang advises parents take two steps immediately: 1. Take their children in to see a family physician who can test for any hearing issues and if any are found recommend a specialist for follow-up care; 2. Set an example by getting their hearing checked, too.

"As we all know, kids will often do what their parents do. If they see their mom or dad going for a hearing test, they're more likely to do the same when they get older," she says. "That routine is a good one to incorporate into their lives. It will help them stay connected to the sounds and people they love for a lifetime. With back to school being a time in their lives when they start preparing again for more responsibilities, adding hearing tests to their August regimen is a smart way to ensure they prioritize hearing health for years to come."

Other steps to help maintain hearing health of children include: providing them with head protection during physical activities; teaching proper use of earplugs; limiting use of earphones and headphones; lowering the volume of TVs and computers; and maintaining healthy diet and nutrition.

Parents can have their own hearing tested for free at one of Connect Hearing's 112 clinics across Canada. Visit the company's website to find the clinic nearest to you:

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