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Paul Stanley on Hearing Loss Awareness

Did you know that KISS frontman Paul Stanley is deaf in one ear? He was born with Microtia, an issue that results in the incomplete formation of the ear.

On top of his deafness and spending a majority of his life around musicians and LOUD music, Stanley has gained a unique appreciation for hearing that he is channeling into raising awareness of hearing loss in young people.

He has teamed up with the non-profit House Research Institute on a major initiative called "It's How You Listen That Counts" to educate millions of teens around the world on preventing noise-related hearing loss.

Here is a great interview where he talks about his work, the issue of hearing loss, how it happens and how to protect against it.

I think it is great that Paul Stanley would take it upon himself to educate people on the rise of hearing loss in young people and how to protect your hearing. What do you think?

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