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Remembering: The Game - A Poetic Exploration Game Driven By Sound

Anyone who knows me well, knows I really like video games. Not only playing them, but also keeping up to date on the games industry and any new gaming experiences that may be introduced by the creative artists and developers who do this for a living.

Recently I came across some information about a new game called Remembering. The reason it caught my eye (or my ears to be exact) is that it was promoting a different, more auditory experience. One based  in music and sound and not twitchy reflexes or visuals. As a passionate gamer and someone who works in the hearing industry this was something I had to look into.

Remembering is a short, experimental game jointly created by SonicPicnic, Monobanda and In-Visuals and has only been experienced by a small audience so far. Seen as a first chapter to a longer, larger overall experience the game is being touted as a "A Poetic Exploration Game Driven By Sound".

This description is taken right from their website:

The world of Remembering is like a half forgotten dream. Strange, but also vaguely familiar. this empty mysterious place is filled with sounds that invite you to use your own imagination.

Remembering is a game that leaves room for the player. By building a world based on sound instead of visuals we've created a place that relies on interpretation. It offer the chance to perceive it in a personal way.

I decided to test the game out with a pair of really good headphones (something the developers recommend) and I was not disappointed. It is a wonderful, unique experience that completely left me engaged with the amazing sound and music on a different level. Being literally transported away by the music was something original and I hope the developers can take it to the next level.

Below is a trailer promoting the game and if you are interested feel free to download it for free from their website here.

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