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Sound Can Heal or Hurt

We know sounds can hurt. But can they heal?Healing Sounds of Music

We have referenced countless articles on  the dangers of loud noise and hearing loss. Construction sites, machinery, airport, concert halls are just some of the areas that pose the highest risk to hearing.

This is one reason why we are always encouraging people to get a free hearing test because we know loud sounds can cause injury and we know how much sound hearing matters in healthy living.

Sounds not only help us stay connected to the people we love, they can also heal. In a revealing interview with, musician Steven Halpern, hailed by The New York Times as a "New Age superstar," embraced a vision that sees music as far more than entertainment. For Halpern, music conveys a vibrational essence with important implications for health and healing.

In a New York Times article called “What’s the buzz? Sound Therapy” Stephanie Rosenbloom writes “vibrational medicine” can go beyond relaxation and “stimulate healing.”

Here is a video that demonstrates Halpern's work:

And yet another way sounds can heal is the 4Ears campaign. If you get a free hearing test by December 31, 2013 Connect Hearing will donate funds to provide hearing healthcare to children in need in support of the Hear the World Foundation.

So protect your hearing, and enjoy the medicinal power of music for years to come.

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