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Super Bowl Fans Need to Protect Their Hearing






Super Bowl Fans Need to Protect Their Hearing

When Ravens and 49ers battle, spectators and party-goers will need to take precautions, Connect Hearing says.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (January 24, 2013) — The Ravens and 49ers won't be the only ones at risk during the Super Bowl.

The last time a big NFL game was played in New Orleans, the decibel level reached dangerous highs for the more than 75,000 fans in attendance. When the hometown Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings on January 24, 2010 to advance to the Super Bowl, the decibel level spiked to an ear-splitting high of 102 during the NFC Championship Game.

When Baltimore takes on favoured San Francisco on February 3, 2013, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome could approach the same levels and that is reason for fans to be wary, says Connect Hearing Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa.

"The Superdome is an enclosed structure and that keeps the noise level from dissipating as it naturally should. It's not only the cheering during the game that gets dangerously loud, there are also fireworks before and after the game and the halftime shows that are great entertainment but a strain on the ears, as well," DeSousa says.

Connect Hearing suggests fans attending the game take the necessary precautions to protect their hearing health, including wearing earplugs and carrying noise-dampening headphones to counteract the loudest moments of the action.

Meanwhile, Super Bowl parties will be taking place throughout North America and the atmosphere in bars and homes will be boisterous.

"Super Bowl parties are an annual celebration. Such occasions are actually a terrific way to help you defeat hearing loss. Your ears will tell you how healthy they are. If you notice any pain or inconsistent hearing in one ear or the other, you should make it a point to get your hearing checked immediately," DeSousa says. "Better yet, see a hearing-health specialist before the big game so you can enjoy it with peace of mind and stay connected to the sounds you cherish."


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