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Surprising Things Hearing Aids Can Do

For many people the topic of hearing aids is confusing and filled with mystery – even for those who wear them.

And it’s true, there are some surprises. One thing that a new user may Hearing Aid Surprisesfind interesting is they will make your voice sound funny or different at first. The aid will probably change the way your voice resonates in your head – much like putting on a pair of headphones to listen to music.

Hearing aids can help your hearing, but only if you have the courage to admit there’s a problem and seek help. On average, people with hearing loss wait seven years before seeking help and only one out of every five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one, according to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Another surprising fact about hearing aids is that two work better than one in most cases, since every ear is unique — including the pair on your head.

Something else to keep in mind is when it comes to hearing aids, batteries make all the difference. Batteries in many hearing aids can last up to 14 days, and choosing the right set can make your hearing aid last longer and perform better. Another thing to remember: mercury-free batteries are better for the environment.

Hearing aids don’t need to be a surprise or a mystery. Contact Connect Hearing, learn about hearing loss and find out about the latest hearing aid technology. Book your free hearing test today.

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