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Tennis Anyone? Measuring Noise with the \“Grunt-o-Meter\”

Have you ever noticed the amount of loud shrieking that is happening on today's professional tennis circuit? No, it's not the crowd but the athletes and this "grunting" could possibly be dangerous to your hearing.

I found out through a recent CBC article that it all started in the 90's when superstar Monica Seles made "grunting" popular. Now the reigning "scream queens" Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova have taken the act to all new levels... Decibel levels that is.

In 2009, Sharapova's grunt while hitting the ball was recorded at 105 decibels. That is equivalent to standing less than a metre away from a buzzing chainsaw. Imagine being subjected to that noise for hours on end as she hits the ball countless times during a match? I wonder if hearing tests should be made mandaory for all WTA athletes?

Not surprisingly, the WTA has proposed cracking down on these over the top shriekers. Organizers plan on installing monitors on the court to identify when the grunts get too loud. According to the WTA the goal is to not fine current athletes but stop the practice in young stars moving up the ranks.

So far, this proposal has support from fans and players alike. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.

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