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The Xbox One Kinect Understands Sign Language

The new Microsoft Xbox One comes out in a couple of months and people around the world are very excited to see the next evolution of home gaming systems. What caught our attention, according to this article on, Microsoft is developing a translation and conversation program for sign language on the Xbox Kinect motion sensing device. A gaming device that can live-translate sign language into text is amazing and can definitely improve the way deaf or hard of hearing people communicate not only to one another but to non-deaf people as well.

Check out this msn news segment below:

As pointed out the original Xbox 360 Kinect hardware was also succesfully tested to translate sign language as you can see from this video below:

It's pretty amazing how technology is dramatically improving the way we communicate. We are pretty excited here at Connect Hearing to see what they come up with next. Remember, if you or someone you know is dealing with the symptoms of hearing loss, call us today for your complimentary hearing screening and test drive a pair of hearing aids with no cost or obligation for two weeks to hear the difference for yourself.

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