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The Top 10 Amazing Sounds in Canada - Part 2

This week we are counting down the top 10 Amazing Sounds in Canada. These are the sounds you would never want to do without and the ones you seek out for thrills when travelling around the nation.

In part two of our three part series, the countdown continues from number 7 through 4.

No. 7 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Cheers at NHL arenas in seven cities

It's a good thing the NHL lockout is over and the season is back on track. It brings the excitement of pro sports back to our communities and to our country. It also returns the glorious sounds of adulation and triumph to the rinks in the seven cities in Canada where there are NHL teams. (And, sure, it brings back boos, too.)

The sound of victory — whether it follows a goal being scored or the arrival on stage of a newly elected president — is one of the most emotionally uplifting sounds any of us could ever hear. Life truly wouldn't be the same without being able to take part in and enjoy the cheers and whistles that go along with being on the winning side. With the shortened season beginning in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, fans will once more enjoy the sound of rooting for the home team. Perhaps in Toronto, some will even be able to cheer on a winning team once in a while!

No. 6 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Moose calls

So far, the Connect Hearing Countdown of the 10 Most Amazing Sounds in Canada have ranged from natural geological wonders to man-made thrills to a booming roar from above. Placing fifth on the list is the unmistakeable and symbolic sound that one of our nation's icons makes. Today, we honour the moose.

Estimates say there are up to 1 million moose living in Canada. They are among our nation's symbols and their call — a loud, throaty grunt like a diesel engine — is one of our most precious and distinct sounds. Whether you're among the 32,000 in Manitoba or the approximately 150,000 in Newfoundland & Labrador, hearing or seeing a moose is always a thrill. There are hiking opportunities and adventure tour operators in most of the provinces and territories that offer the chance to see the country's tremendous array of wildlife, including the moose. To see one, you'll first spot the sound it makes, whether it is the call or the sound of it trampling through the woods.

No. 5 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Songbirds in Point Pelee National Park

In Point Pelee National Park near Windsor, Ontario, more than 370 species of birds have been recorded. The park is one of the top locales in North America for spotting birds and butterflies. In fact, there's an annual Festival of the Birds each spring. Point Pelee's unique geological formations and flora and fauna have made it a centuries-old destination for birds. Imagine what life would be without those sweet sounds filling your walk through that national park? We can't, which is why bird songs are on our list.

No. 4 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Screech-in ceremonies in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, the screech-in ceremony is a hilarious ceremony. It involves the person being screeched-in being asked to repeat a long, barely coherent and hysterical list of promises, before kissing a dead cod and throwing back a shot of screech (re: rum). The sight is something to see, but the laughter is what's special about every screech-in.

If you've never done it, make sure you try next time you're in the province nicknamed The Rock.

To nominate an Amazing Sound of your own, submit your vote on our facebook site at

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