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The Top 10 Amazing Sounds in Canada - Part 3

Welcome to the final part in our three part series counting down the most amazing sounds in Canada. We've covered natural wonders to wildlife and even our national sport. But as they say, we have saved the best for last as we count down our top three amazing Canadian sounds.

No. 3 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Sounds of the Quebec Carnival

It's one of the largest winter festivals in the world and it comes in eighth in the Connect Hearing Most Amazing Sounds in Canada list. Entering its 61st year, the annual Quebec Carnvial draws more than a million visitors each year. They flock to beautiful Quebec City for merriment in the snow, which includes a lot of good cheer that you wouldn't want to miss seeing or hearing.

From the theme song that celebrates Bonhomme, the mascot of the annual winter celebration, to the giggles of children whizzing down one of the ski hills to the raucous dance music that takes over the attraction at night, the Quebec Carnivale is one fun time — and not something you could enjoy to its fullest if your hearing was compromised.

From dog sledding to tobogganing to dancing at night, the Carnival is full of the joyous sounds that help Canadians get through the chill of winter.

No. 2 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: Fireworks in Vancouver

Fireworks are a sight to behold, for sure, but they're also a thrill to hear. For that reason, they've made it onto the list of Connect Hearing's Top 10 Most Amazing Sounds in Canada.

The sight of pyrotechnics wouldn't be complete without the snap or crackle when they go off — not to mention the whirr of anticipation just before they explode. While you should wear earplugs when you watch fireworks, you should still make sure you catch the noise they make. It's part of the excitement!

In Vancouver each summer, the city is filled with more than 500,000 people who descend on English Bay and False Creek to watch the fireworks light up the sky during the annual international competition that takes place over one eye-popping week. The fireworks festival is one of the biggest attractions the city offers each summer and one of the most festive, too. The fireworks are set off to music chosen by the competing nations and played on speakers for all to hear. It's a wonderful experience that wouldn't be the same without the music accompanying the fireworks.

No. 1 Most Amazing Sound in Canada: The National Anthem

O, Canada! marks a fitting end to our countdown of the Top 10 Most Amazing Sounds in the nation. We have named natural wonders (Niagara Falls) and man-made curiosities (screech-in ceremonies in Newfoundland) and favourite animal calls (moose and songbirds), but we can't overlook this patriotic tune.

O, Canada! makes us remember our place in the world and contributes to the identity of each of us. Hearing it, no matter where the setting, reminds us of that fact and of the amazing things this country offers.

To ensure you can continue to hear our national anthem and all of the country's most amazing sounds, visit a Connect Hearing clinic for a complimentary hearing screening.

To nominate an Amazing Sound of your own, submit your vote on our facebook site at

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