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Celebrate May Better Hearing Month with our Top 10 Hearing Health Improvements - Part 1

As North America begins a celebration of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we decided this was an ideal time to look at the breakthroughs occurring to improve hearing health. An often-overlooked aspect of human health, our ears are receiving more and more attention as awareness builds around providing solutions to prevent and treat hearing damage.

Our list of the Top 10 Hearing Health Improvements we can take advantage of in 2013 begins with:

#10: Improved Hearing Aid Aesthetics

No longer cumbersome devices, hearing aids are stylish accessories that look similar to commonplace earbuds used for MP3 players and as fashionable as popular earring styles.

"We have come a long way with hearing aids, both in terms of aesthetics and performance," notes our Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa.

Today's hearing aids feature sleek designs that are barely visible. A growing and positive trend, however, is to incorporate listening devices into colourful headwear as society begins to become more comfortable with the fact that hearing difficulties are neither an indication of age or something to be ashamed of.

#9: More Manageable Hearing Aids

These days modern hearing aids are lightweight, and easy to clean and maintain. These 21st-century listening devices boost performance and help users stay connected to the sounds they love, as well as the people in their lives.

With minor maintenance — some hearing aids can go several months without needing a battery change — these devices work their way organically into the lives of their wearers. With more than 3 million Canadians affected by some degree of hearing loss, the more durable and easy to use these devices become, the more likely they are to be adopted by those in need of their performance.

"There are hearing aids that can be implanted by a hearing-health practitioner that not only allow users to improve the quality of their life, but ensure they stay connected to the sounds they love for the entirety of their life," says MJ.

One of the latest hearing devices that boost performance and minimize discomfort is the Moxi Kiss. Developed by Unitron, the hearing aid is placed within the ear canal and delivers high-fidelity natural sound through an organic and flexible design.

#8: Better Everyday Listening Products or Assistive Listening Devices

One thing that everyone should become educated about is the growing list of Everyday Listening Products (also known as Assistive Listening Devices or ALDs), which help users easily enhance their hearing in everyday situations.

High-tech ALDs such as the Vtech Bluetooth Cordless Phone easily pairs with your Bluetooth hearing aids so you can enjoy clear conversations every time with additional options you may need to fit your needs.

They also dramatically help to improve your quality of life.

Since May is Better Hearing month, we encourage everyone to take action and get up to speed with their hearing health by booking  a complimentary hearing screening at your local Connect Hearing.

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