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Celebrate May Better Hearing Month with Connect Hearing’s Top 10 Hearing Health Improvements - Part

It's Better Hearing and Speech Month!

We are celebrating the month by aiming to raise awareness for the improved health of those with hearing issues and those who should be aware of the precautions necessary to maintain your hearing health.

#7: Better Hearing Health Research

Education is the key to improvement in almost every aspect of life.

For us that means learning more about hearing health so we can improve the lives of our clients and ensure they stay connected to the sounds they love.

What we are learning, though, is that hearing health is being compromised at an even greater level than we thought. Clinical studies from across the planet are helping to shed a light on hearing health and the risk we face, especially in urban areas.

"We are discovering so much more about what urbanization is doing to our ears," our Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa says. "In the developing world, the rise in hearing damage is astonishing as more and more cities are built, while in Canada we are seeing more young Canadians dealing with hearing damage. The research on this issue is crucial to treating the problem."

As we gather more information, the better prepared we are to solving hearing health problems. The good news is that clinical research is improving dramatically across the world and we are happy to do our part to raise awareness of hearing health.

#6: More Educational Tools

While Better Hearing & Speech Month shines a spotlight on hearing health for 31 days each May, there is a growing number of educators and institutions that make it a 12-month goal to help stop hearing loss.

The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA) has numerous features and personal stories on its website that help to educate young people about conditions such as tinnitus, characterized as a persistent ringing in the ears. CASLPA also has a site devoted entirely to Better Hearing & Speech Month.

Those initiatives help Canadians realize hearing health is a subject that should be discussed more openly. Doing so helps to maintain the quality of life for many citizens.

"When our clients come in for a complimentary hearing screening, we provide the informational needs necessary for them to know why it is important for them to take early precautions against hearing loss," says MJ. "The more awareness and clinical research we have, the more tools and knowledge we are going to have to pass on to Canadians about this important medical issue."

#5: More Access to Hearing Tests

We have over 110 clinics across Canada and there has been an increase in Canadians seeking complimentary hearing tests. Some of these clinics have improved access to hearing tests through remote visits by hearing-health practitioners and more advanced audiology tools that can better pinpoint hearing loss.

"During Better Hearing and Speech Month, it is more important than ever to encourage the residents of all communities across Canada to get their hearing checked. These tests at Connect Hearing are complimentary and don't take much time at all. It is one of the most convenient things you can do for your health," says MJ.

With more than 3 million Canadians dealing with hearing loss and with younger and younger people facing a hearing-health issue, the complimentary hearing screenings are for everyone to take advantage of, MJ says. The screening and the follow-up treatments are vital to maintaining hearing health and staying connected to the ones you love, and the sounds you adore.

Since May is Better Hearing month, we encourage everyone to take action and get up to speed with their hearing health by booking  a complimentary hearing screening at your local Connect Hearing.

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