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Top 10 Most Amazing Sounds in Vancouver





Top 10 Most Amazing Sounds in Vancouver

In celebration of its new clinic opening on Broadway & Spruce in Vancouver, Connect Hearing honours the City's ear candy

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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (January 30, 2013) — Vancouver is renowned worldwide for its stunning scenery. But what about the sounds that complement the marvellous beauty of the West Coast?

As the newest Connect Hearing clinic in the Lower Mainland is unveiled in early March, the company's hearing professionals are encouraging Vancouverites to celebrate the sounds unique to the city. The new Vancouver location is at Broadway & Spruce and, like all Connect Hearing clinics, will offer complimentary hearing tests and professional consultation and aftercare services.

"What are the most inspiring and unique sounds of the city? That was the most important question we thought about when we put together the list," says MJ DeSousa, Connect Hearing's Director of Professional Practice. "We feel the sounds on this list are quintessential Vancouver and are the ones that help us stay connected to the world around us that we cherish."

The Top 10 Amazing Sounds in Vancouver range from musical wonders to natural phenomena and include:

1. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra — Currently playing to rave reviews on its tour of the United States, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra sees more than 200,000 attendees annually when it plays at the Orpheum Theatre or Chan Centre. Classical music is wonderful ear candy and the VSO is a jewel for the city.

2. Fireworks — More than 500,000 people descend on English Bay and False Creek each summer to watch fireworks light up the sky during the annual international competition that takes place over one eye-popping week. The fireworks are set off to music chosen by the competing nations and played on speakers for all to hear.

3. Vancouver Canucks cheers — The Canucks have sold out 410 consecutive home games and the raucous atmosphere inside Rogers Arena is one of the most riveting sounds of the city. In recent years, the team has been a perennial Stanley Cup contender, making their games even more boisterous.

4. The Gastown Steam Clock — Since 1977, the Gastown Steam Clock has chimed every quarter hour, distracting passersby and attracting tourists to this unique landmark.

5. Pacific National Exhibition — From the screams of the patrons on the roller-coaster to the whirrs and wheezes of the carnival games, the PNE fair is an annual celebration of all things fun.

6. Tranquility of Stanley Park — Vancouverites don't have to escape the city in order to find the joys of nature. Thanks to Stanley Park, the city's finest attraction, they just have to disappear into the green space's woodsy trails or settle on a sandy spot on one of its secluded beaches.

7. Footsteps on the Grouse Grind — More than 100,000 people hike the Grouse Grind each year and the thump or tap of their steps is one of the unmistakeable sounds of the Greater Vancouver Area. There are 2,830 steps in all on the Grouse Grind. That's a lot of foot tapping going on!

8. Float Planes in Coal Harbour — They don't emit the most pleasant of sounds, but it sure is unusual and delightful to have a float plane landing within such a large city. Watching the planes land and take off, and hearing the unmistakeable sound of their motor, is a Vancouver attraction on its own.

9. Activity on the Seawall — From volleyballers on English Bay to roller hockey players beneath Burrard Bridge to al fresco diners at C and other restaurants, the activity on the beloved seawall is eclectic and indicative of the city's liveliness. The sounds are as much a part of the seawall as the sight of dogs walking and the bikers scooting through traffic.

10. Chinese New Year Celebrations — The annual festivities in Chinatown delight Vancouverites with wonderful food, lively entertainment and amazing performances. The dragon dance would not be the same without the drumming and chanting that goes along with the serpentine movements of the dancers. This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 10.

Do you have a favourite Vancouver sound of your own? Share your picks for Vancouver’s amazing sounds on Connect Hearing’s Facebook page:

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