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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthy Hearing - #4 Exercise


One of the most popular new year's resolutions Canadians make each year is to improve their health. Those resolutions often surround diets and exercise but we believe Canadians should also be doing more to improve their hearing health in 2013. With tip No. 4 in our list of new year's resolutions for healthy hearing, we are recommending something that will help you for many reasons.

#4 Resolution for Healthy Hearing: Exercise Regularly

Exercise doesn't only benefit your heart and keep you from contracting illnesses, it will maintain your hearing as well.

"The better shape you're in, the better shape your hearing will be, in most circumstances,"  says MJ DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice. "Regular exercise is key for sound hearing, as it is for any aspect of your health."

Working out with weights, running and walking for 20 minutes a day are among the activities that will keep you healthy. Staying in optimal health is ideal for preventing hearing loss and reducing stress levels. As this article points out, losing weight may help you to hear better.

Don't push that exercise too hard though. There is always a limit and you should definitely consult your doctor before starting any fitness program. You will certainly want to avoid exercise induced hearing loss as discussed in this recent episode of The Doctors TV show.

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