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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthy Hearing - #6 Wear Earmuffs

We're encouraging Canadians to make 2013 the year to take care of hearing health. In doing so, as Canada's Largest Network of Hearing Professionals we are presenting our top 10 new year's resolutions for healthy hearing. Placing sixth in the list is a piece of apparel that makes great sense at this time of year.

No. 5 Resolution for Healthy Hearing: Wear Earmuffs

Winter weather can be harsh on your body, including your ears. High winds can strain your eardrums while cold temperatures can cause frostbite. Earmuffs protect against those harsh conditions. You can get a pair for $20 or even less at retail stores across Canada and it will be a purchase that will help you stay connected to the sounds you love.

Several varieties of earmuffs are also very fashionable and have the added benefit of keeping your extremities warm in frigid temperatures.

Earmuffs are also a must have safety item for anyone working in the industrial field. These rugged, durable earmuffs consist of rigid cups and soft cushions that seal around the ears to reduce noise. They are always a popular choice in hearing protection due to their ease of use and comfortable fit.

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