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Top 10 Sounds of Summer From Around the World: Canadian Rockies and Fuji Rock

We continue our look at the Top 10 Sounds of Summer — half of which are soft, half of which are loud. In this fourth of five instalments, we head to the hills — very, very big hills — in two different countries for unique experiences way above sea level.

Serenity in the Canadian Rockies

If you're travelling through British Columbia or Alberta, you will be awestruck by the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, which are home to some of the nation's must breathtaking national parks, including Banff, Yoho and Kicking Horse. You can hike, sip tea at the top of the peaks, breathe in that fresh mountain air, search out wildlife, and sit back and enjoy the tremendous landscape of Canada.

Fuji Rock, Naeba, Japan

This music festival occurs in the mountains and is the largest event of its kind in Japan. Patrons need to hike to the festival site, or take a gondola, making it one of the more rigorous music festivals in the world to attend. The music is loud, with this year's headliners including Nine Inch Nails, and the songs tend to reverberate off the face of peaks. The 2013 edition of Fuji Rock just wrapped up on July 28.


Previously, we looked at these Ying and Yang in terms of summer sounds:

1. Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong and Disneyland in Orlando, Florida

2. Edinburgh Book Festival and Benicassim Music Festival

3. Golf's Quiet Atmosphere and Soccer's Vuvuzela.

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