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Top 10 Sounds of Summer From Around the World: Hong Kong & Disney

Summer has arrived and with it comes the promise of activities that can be enjoyed to their fullest no matter where you might be. To celebrate the heights of warm weather, we are listing some of the Top Sounds of Summer from around the World, alternating between quiet and noisy activities and locales. In our first of five instalments, we look at a landmark of worship and the mecca for childhood fantasies come true.

Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong

This temple includes a 112-foot-high bronze statue of Buddha. Known as the Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha, the statue is celebrating its 20th year in 2013. The monastery itself dates to 1906 and also has two other impressive Buddhas on its grounds in the Ngong Ping Plateau above the city.

Disneyland, Orlando, Florida

The Magic Kingdom is as far away from a Buddhist monastery as you can get. This cherished establishment for family fun is alive with screaming children and their sometimes screaming parents who may lose patience with the long lines and outrageous prices. Still, it is the world's No. 1 theme park, with 17.5 million visits in 2012. If you go, bring earplugs — for you and the kids.

Be sure to check out our top summer sounds in Canada and to drop in at a Connect Hearing clinic nearest to you for a complimentary hearing test. You wouldn't want to find yourself in the Magic Kingdom without being able to hear all the sounds of Disney's amazing theme parks.

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