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Top 10 Sounds of Summer in Canada






Connect Hearing goes coast to coast to name the best ear candy awaiting Canadians

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Kelowna, British Columbia (July 10, 2013) — Summer has arrived in Canada and with it comes the promise of joyous activities that can be enjoyed from British Columbia to Newfoundland & Labrador. To celebrate the heights of warm weather in the nation, Connect Hearing is listing the Top 10 Sounds of Summer in Canada.

1. Music — All Kinds of Music

Jazz fests, blues fests, pop fests, even theatrical buskerfests. They're all on display in cities and towns throughout Canada this summer. Wherever you live, it's a given some great live entertainment is happening close to you in July, August and September. Some of the ones not to be missed include the Ottawa Bluesfest (July 4-14), Osheaga in Montreal (August 2-4) and the George Street Festival in St. John's (August 1-6).

2. Boat Sounds

Setting sail on a fishing boat, motorboat or commuter ferry is one of the ways Canadians get out to enjoy the water when the weather heats up. One location that's full of boats is Lake Okanagan, the British Columbia attraction that is home to Kelowna and other communities.

"The decibel level of motor boats can be dangerously loud. Active boaters and even those in the vicinity of marinas or piers need to realize that noise-induced hearing loss is one of the fastest-growing conditions in North America," says Tom Millar, Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner at Connect Hearing in Kelowna. "If you're heading out on the water this summer, wear earplugs, and if you're an active boater, you should get your hearing tested to ensure you stay connected to the sounds and people you love."

3. Screams of the Midway

From Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto and Montreal, theme parks and annual fairs with roller-coasters are a top summer attraction for families. Bring your earplugs, though. Those screams and the loud ripple of the wind as you plummet can impact your hearing health.

4. Splash in the Pool

Waterparks, such as Ontario's Wild Water Kingdom and Calypso Park, are known as much for the hoots of their patrons as the splash they make when they drop into the pool. Public swimming pools and popular diving spots are also filled with thrill-seekers cannonballing into the water. Water fun gives us some of the most timeless sounds of summer.

"When you're in the pool, it's safe to not go too fast, either when you go in or when you come up. Some hearing damage can be caused by rapid change in air pressure on the eardrum. While it's a condition most often faced by scuba divers, anyone playing in the water should be aware of the potential dangers," Millar says.

5. Crack of the Bat

The Toronto Blue Jays may be in last place, but they're one of the hottest teams in baseball and just may live up to the preseason hype, after all. The Blue Jays, Canada's only Major League Baseball team, entered the 2013 season as World Series favourites. Only recently have they shown elite form and crowds are showing up to see them in action. If you're in Toronto, catch a game and sounds of the excitement.

6. Ping of the Club

Golfers are eager to tee off on new courses and old. One of Canada's premier golfing destinations is Prince Edward Island. There are more than two dozen courses in and around Charlottetown, the province's capital city. Those courses are a key to PEI's tourism. One thing golfers will need to be aware of, though, is that the sport can be a risk to their hearing health.

"The new titanium drivers used by so many golfers can emit a sound that is like a sonic boom," Millar says. "Golfers need to realize that with all of the new high-tech equipment comes a need for added precautions, as well."

7. Crackle of the Campfire

Whether it's s'mores, plain marshmallows or shish kebabs, food cooked over the campfire and enjoyed in the outdoors is an iconic Canadian experience, one in which millions participate each year. The crackle of the embers is as much a part of the experience as the smoky aroma and taste.

8. Vroom

Like camping, road trips are also one of the most popular activities for citizens in every province. The rev of engines has been heard for decades as vehicles cruise along the Trans-Canada and other highways in the nation.

9. Hahaha

Comedy festivals and whimsical theatrical performances abound in Canada throughout summer. Among the great ones are the annual Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, which draws more than 1.5 million attendees each year, and the Fringe Festivals in many different cities.

10. Aaaah

The sound of relaxation is one Canadians everywhere emit during the summer. It can be in the backyard while sitting in your favourite deck chair, or while soaking in a pool, or lounging on the grass at a neighbourhood park. There are many "Aaaaah" moments to be had in the second half of 2013. Be sure to get out and enjoy as many as you can.

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