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Top 5 Earplug Worthy Holiday Gifts: #1 Gaming Systems

If you're looking for stocking stuffers for this year, you should also consider earplugs to go along with some of the popular gifts that can pack a lot of joy as well as noise. We have come up with five holiday gifts ideas that are sure to impress but which should also be wrapped with a handy set of earplugs.

We will reveal those gifts over the course of this week. Today, we begin with one of the most popular gifts of recent years — Interactive Gaming Systems.

While devices like Nintendo's Wii U, Sony's PS3 and Kinect by Xbox add a tremendous amount of pleasure and entertainment for families, they also bring an increased amount of noise into the home. Although the decibel levels of the three gaming consoles measure roughly 65 decibels each during normal use, the temptation of users is to increase the volume control when there are multiple players using the device. Also, the games create a lot of excitement that results in short bursts of noise in the form of shouting and cheering.

"Console games are great fun and they've really changed our entertainment offerings, but we still have to be mindful of our hearing health. Excessive noise is an issue facing more and more of us," says our Director of Professional Practice MJ DeSousa. "This holiday season, consider hearing protection to go along with some of those fun, but noisy gifts."

Even back in the 90's Nintendo urged it's audience to "Play it Loud". Check out this retro commercial:

Earplugs are an easy, affordable way to protect hearing and ensure you and the ones you love stay connected.

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