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Top Sounds of Summer - Take Yourself Out to the Ballgame in Toronto

The Toronto Blue Jays may be in last place, but they're one of the hottest teams in baseball and just may live up to the preseason hype, after all. The Blue Jays, Canada's only Major League Baseball team, entered the 2013 season as World Series favourites. Only recently have they shown elite form and crowds are showing up to see them in action. If you're in Toronto, catch a game and sounds of the excitement.

When you go, be sure to take precautions to ensure your hearing health.

"Wherever large crowds gather, there will be noise that can be harmful. Whether you're a child or an adult, you should be aware of the risks and take the necessary steps to maintain the strength of your hearing, including carrying earplugs," says MJ DeSousa, our Director of Professional Practice.

At sports venues, some of the loudest sounds have nothing to do with the action on the playing field. It's often the stadium noise from the sound system, such as the loud music between plays, and the boisterousness of the fans. Spectator sports are a hugely popular part of Canadian life. Enjoy them with care.

Here is a little blast from the past. Joe Carter's  walk off homerun in the 1993 World Series vs. the Philadelphia Phillies to win it all. We can still remember the excitement like it was yesterday.

Don't forget to carry earplugs when you go and if there is any indication your hearing may be deteriorating, visit a Connect Hearing clinic for a complimentary hearing test.

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