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Connect Hearing Audiologist Making a Difference in B.C.

For audiologist Jessica Chen, there are many things to love about her job at the Connect Hearing Canada clinic in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

One of those things, without question, is getting to know different people in the community and helping them improve their hearing.

For Chen, it's important that people are able to stay connected to family and friends and remain socially active – especially senior citizens. That's one reason why she has been on the front lines as a dedicated hearing care professional for 1 1/2 years and part of the Connect Hearing team for over six months.

We were able to catch up with Chen, who spoke about her job, new innovations in hearing health and the warm people of Tsawwassen.

Connect Hearing: Since joining Connect Hearing, what's been the most inspiring interaction you've had with a client?

Jessica Chen: Oftentimes, it is gaining clients’ confidence and building a friendship.  I greatly appreciate that they make the effort and time to come to the clinic with the goal of improving their hearing. Staying in touch with us about their progress is very helpful feedback.

Connect Hearing: Describe the people who reach out to you for assistance with their hearing.

Chen: Mainly elderly people come in to see me at our clinic. They complain about missing out on sounds and people not sounding clear to them, so they miss out on conversations.

Connect Hearing: Connect Hearing has dealt quite a bit with the issue of hearing health and senior citizens. Do you have any advice for people at home who are trying to support an elderly loved one with hearing loss?

Chen: If you have a conversation with them and they tell you a little more about their lives and what they are dealing with, they will feel more comfortable. Also, my advice is to come in with them to the appointment, I think that makes a huge difference.

Connect Hearing: At Connect Hearing, we are always encouraging people to make their hearing a priority and visit one of our clinics for a free hearing test.

How has working at Connect Hearing changed your understanding of hearing loss and the importance of maintaining hearing health?

Chen: Every person seems to have a different understanding of their hearing and encounter different communication challenges related to hearing loss.  It's a privilege to share our education, inform and support our clients.

Connect Hearing: What recent innovation in hearing health most excites you and why?

Chen: The large array of accessories available for clients to use with their hearing aids really excites me.  When clients are introduced to them, it can make a great improvement in their hearing health and improve their quality of life.

Connect Hearing: Connect Hearing has been named one of Canada's greatest places to work. What makes it such a stand out, in your opinion?

Chen: It is a great place to work! The large network of professional support for our ongoing development as Hearing Care Professionals is invaluable. Also, the products we carry make me feel very confident that we are providing our clients with the best products available on the market.

Connect Hearing: Similarly, what product do you recommend to Connect Hearing clients and why?

Chen: It depends on the client and their unique listening situations. The more they are open to discuss with us, the easier it is find solutions together that they feel comfortable with and want to use.

Connect Hearing: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Chen: I love movies, reading books, and more lively activities, too, like racquet sports and running outdoors.

Connect Hearing:  For people who haven't been to your community, what can you tell them about it? And what are your favourite things to do and/or favourite places to go in your community?

Chen: Tsawwassen is a really warm, lively and close-knit community. I like that I can often see our clients outside of the clinic and catch up with them.  Recently, I’ve been to the local library to see a client’s artwork on display, and I enjoy trying out some of the local restaurants.

Connect Hearing:  Thank you for your time! It was a pleasure to speak with you and we wish you continued success at Connect Hearing.

Chen: My pleasure, thanks!

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