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Veterans and Hearing Loss

As Remembrance Day arrives, it’s important to think about the role Canadian veterans and our allies have played defending our freedom.Veterans and Hearing Loss

Veterans who have gone into combat in places like Afghanistan, Korea and Europe have suffered injuries ranging from lost limbs and burns to psychological scars.

But the most prevalent injury? Hearing loss. And Connect Hearing wants veterans to know that free hearing tests are available at locations across the country.

According to Listen Now,in 2009 the US Veterans Association compensated 1.2 million claims for veterans with either tinnitus or hearing loss injuries.

Retired US Army captain Mark Brogan suffered a brain and spinal injury when he was attacked by a suicide bomber in Iraq. Brogan said in an article what he considered the worst of the physical trauma he endured was “Hearing loss and the brain injury.” Today he has “profound unusable hearing” in his right ear and severe hearing loss in his left.

“You’ve been to a concert – you know how your ears are ringing afterward? It’s just like that my entire life,” he said.

Here is an interesting video highlighting the needs of veterans with hearing loss.

Canadian veterans, no doubt, have incurred similar debilitating injuries. Our message to veterans – you have put others first with your service and courage. Now put yourself first and make your hearing health a priority.

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