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Careers FAQ

How do I apply?

To apply, please visit the Current Postings section of our website.  You will be directed to an online application page where you can enter your information and upload your resume. If there are no specific positions you wish to apply for, you may apply as general applicant by selecting the General Applicants link on the Current Posting page. 

Who has access to the information I provide?

Only our HR team will have access to your personal information. If we have contacted you and selected you for an interview, we will forward a copy of your resume to the hiring manager/interviewer for review.

What happens after I complete my online application?

Your information will be sent to our Human Resources team. If you are applying for an open position and are selected for an interview, HR will contact you. All applications will be stored in our private database for up to one year. We will continue to review and search through applications as positions become available.

If I apply for a specific position, will I be considered for future positions or do I need to re-app

If you are applying for multiple positions, it is best to apply to each one separately as they may have different qualifications and specifications. As future related positions become available, we may contact you, regardless of whether you reapplied, if your qualifications are a match. We strongly recommend that you watch our Current Postings page and apply for new postings that interest you.

How soon after I apply will I hear if I have been shortlisted?

The length of time will vary depending on position and current organizational needs.  Anywhere from several days to a couple months can be expected. When possible, a general timeline will be provided.

How will I know if I have been shortlisted?

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by HR via telephone or email.  Due to the volume of applications, please do not call regarding the status of your application.

I already work for a Connect location. How can I apply for another position within the company?

Connect Hearing employees are encouraged to apply the same way as regular applicants while also letting their DSM and HR team know about their interest in the given position.

Does Connect Hearing promote from within? Do people ever transfer between your divisions?

Connect Hearing takes pride in promoting from within and will continuously approach staff with new opportunities to further their careers. In addition, almost all positions available within the company are posted internally first to open the doors to any staff member wishing to apply.

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