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Hearing Aid Brands

Connect Hearing provides a wide variety of solutions for hearing loss, from all the top hearing aid brands to cutting edge cochlear implant technology through our exclusive relationship with Advanced Bionics.  Connect Hearing is uniquely positioned to provide the right solution for you - no matter what level of hearing loss you may be experiencing. We offer a full spectrum of hearing tests and solutions to meet both your lifestyle and budget.

For more information about top brands available at Connect Hearing clinics, read below. To identify the best hearing aids for you or your loved one, book a free consultation with one of our registered Audiologists or certified Hearing Instrument Practitioners. Find the nearest hearing clinic today!


A global provider of hearing solutions, Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from hearing loss. With over 60 years of experience, Phonak has become a leading force in hearing acoustics. Fronted by flagship products like the Audeo V hearing aid, Phonak delivers top of the line quality, comfort, and style for better hearing in individuals who experience loss.


For nearly half a century, Unitron has been a leader in the  industry through the design and manufacturing of hearing instruments in order to meet the needs of people with hearing loss. The Unitron 360 hearing aid, a model geared toward individuals who have severe hearing loss, embodies Unitron’s balance of superior performance and durability. Unitron’s worldwide network of partners and employees constantly strive to make better hearing possible for everyone.


Family owned and operated since the beginning, and boasting representation in over one hundred countries, Widex is among the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Widex works tirelessly, ensuring that each hearing aid is made to fit and customized according to the way an individual listens. The Widex Dream hearing aid provides a rich, true-to-life hearing experience that fulfills the company’s mission to deliver the “Widex Sound” to each individual.


Founded in 1967, Starkey began with a commitment to connect people with the world around them. The company is now among the front lines in the design and development of hearing solutions. With a wide variety of products from Behind-the-Ear (BTE), In-the Ear (ITE), and Invisible hearing aids, Starkey is proud to offer and work with customers in order to provide solutions that meet individual hearing needs.


For more than a century, Siemens has been dedicated to providing a better quality of life for hard of hearing individuals by developing superior hearing solutions. With products like the Siemens Aquarius, a 100% waterproof Behind-the-Ear hearing aid, Siemens Audiology strives to lead the development of audiological technologies. Siemens operates in several countries worldwide, employing people dedicated to the research and development of new hearing technologies.


Oticon has been empowering individuals with hearing loss for over a century. Since its inception in Denmark, Oticon’s dedication to providing excellent hearing solutions to the world has not wavered. Oticon is proud to serve military veterans suffering from hearing loss caused by deployment through affordable and customized hearing solutions.


Headquartered in Switzerland, Bernafon has worked to develop, engineer, and provide quality hearing systems for over half a century. With innovation being held in utmost importance, Bernafon provides channel-free products, a feature which proves to be key for understanding speech. Today, the Bernafon Group operates with a global network of sales companies and distributors in over seventy countries.


Founded in 1943, ReSound provides exceptional service by understanding the needs of hearing aid users and offering innovative hearing solutions coupled with cutting edge technology to meet those needs. ReSound is among the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids, and the introduction of the ReSound AIR provided a true-to-life sound while eliminating discomfort associated with In-the-Ear hearing aids. 

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