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Everyday Listening Products

Modern technology has allowed for better hearing at home - not just through improved hearing aids, but also through Everyday Listening Products (also known as Assistive Listening Devices, or ALDs).

Everyday Listening Products complement your hearing aids by providing situation specific communication enhancement. They help with issues like background noise and distance by transmitting speech information directly to your hearing aids through FM radio waves, infrared light or electromagnetic induction.

These discreet, practical and easy-to-use products provide enhanced hearing in everyday situations, so Connect Hearing has worked in association with leading manufacturers like Clarity and VTech to provide the latest in Assistive Listening Device Technology.

Amplified Phones

Enjoy clear conversations every time. Features include wide amplification ranges, speaker phone, speech enhancement and programmability. Corded, cordless or portable, you’ll love what you see... and hear.

Amplified phones available through Connect Hearing clinics include:


Experience TV the way it was meant to be, with products like the Serene TVDirect [PDF]. Quality sound without disturbing those around you. This stylish headset with wireless technology can be used with hearing aids or on its own. Adjustable digital tone control and high fidelity speakers guarantee a better viewing experience.

Personal Listening Systems

Ideal for use in any social setting – discreet devices provide enhanced hearing, literally in the palm of your hand. Background noise is minimized and speech is amplified, enabling you to capture every word. Here are a couple devices Connect Hearing provides to enable you to take control of better hearing.

Alarm Clocks

Never miss your morning alarm again. Using flashing lamps or bed shakers, even the heaviest sleeper will wake up on time, every time. Connect Hearing provides the following alarm clocks:


Connect Hearing now carries devices that utilize Bluetooth technology, enabling even greater freedom and flexibility

For more information about Everyday Listening Products or to book an appointment with one of our hearing professionals, call us at 1-888-501-2661.

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