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Phonak Bolero V

Phonak Bolero V

Phonak Bolero V is a portfolio of high-performance, aesthetically appealing BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids designed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

Built on Phonak’s new Venture platform, Bolero V provides the freedom to hear naturally in virtually any environment.

With options that range from mild to profound hearing loss, Bolero V has something for everyone.

Designed To Follow You Anywhere

Bolero V is a behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid designed to be water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant, allowing you to embrace an active lifestyle without the worry associated with hearing aids. This device is best for people with mild to severe hearing loss who are interested in discreet, highly reliable, performance-level hear aids.

Alongside it’s tough, durable build, the Bolero V comes in a variety of models and colors that are sure to fit any lifestyle or fashion preference.

Bolero V Models

The Bolero V comes in 3 models of varying sizes – each with 4 performance levels (V90, V70, V50, and V30) and 11 colors.

Bolero V-M – Small micro BTE
Bolero V-P – Compact power BTE
Bolero V-SP – Compact SuperPower BTE

Engineered For Any Listening Environment

Get on with the good things in life with unique features to help you comfortable hear in practically any environment.

Phonak puts an emphasis on sound quality, reliability and excellent speech understanding in every listening situation. With the new Venture platform, more is possible than ever before.

With Venture’s AutoSense OS, moving from one situation to the next has never been so effortless. Bolero V will automatically transition to support better natural hearing without the need for manual interaction.

Bolero V also features Tinnitus Balance, a flexible solution never before offered with Phonak BTEs. Tinnitus Balance noise generator adapts to most common tinnitus management philosophies and is available in every model and every performance!

These hearing aids are especially durable as well, with IP67 ratings.

Bolero V Features & Technology

Additional Bolero V features include:

  • UltraZoom - improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments
  • SoundRelax – cushions impulse sounds for natural, clear perception of speech and sounds
  • FlexControl - easy interaction with the hearing aid
  • FlexVolume – increased clarity when more volume is required
  • Real Ear Sound - natural sound orientation
  • QuickSync - control both instruments with one touch
  • Auto Acclimatization - the right amplification at the right time
  • WindBlock - suppress wind noises when outdoors
  • EchoBlock - understand well in echoey environments
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator – generates a broadband sound for tinnitus management

Bolero V Pricing

Hearing aid prices vary based on model, technology level, etc. The best way to get started is to book a free assessment* at a Connect Hearing clinic near you.

Connect Hearing offers Price Match Guarantee, so you can rest assured that once you find the right hearing aids for you, you’ll also get the best price and service package!

Not only does Connect Hearing offer Price Match Guarantee and 0% Financing Options, but you also receive these additional benefits:

  • 3 - 5 years of free batteries depending on technology level, $400 value
  • Free annual checkups $100 yearly value
  • Free, regular cleanings $100 yearly value
  • Exclusive CAA member discounts up to 15%

*Complimentary hearing evaluations are only applicable for customers over 50 years of age.

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